Friday, September 2, 2016

Day 10 - Sept 2, 2016 - Fieldtrip

I can't believe that it is already Friday again! Today we got up earlier went to the store and picked up some snacks, filled up the car with gas. Went back tot he house and picked up grandpa and off we headed for the Zoo!  We will be meeting Morgan, Tristan and Rainy a the zoo. Its been a little bit since we had been there and loved the new additions the zoo has made. My kids thought it crazy to see them putting up Christmas lights!  Kids were great and had a wonderful time enjoying God creations. Chloie did think it a bit hot and was glad when we were back in the van to come home!  Here are a few pictures from our day at the Zoo!

**Kids received a challenge today to come up with ideas to have school be more fun but to also learn the things we need to learn!  Who likes reading and sitting at a desk all day?  It will be fun to hear what they come up with!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Day 9 - Sept 1, 2016

Ugh! Today has been a rough day, for 1, mom not feeling good and 2, the kids tired of school!  They have wanted to do little as possible to get there work done, they want to compromise and do half the work! So I need to go back to the drawing board and think of things to make things more interesting!

We did get a little work done today!

  1. Life of Fred
  2. History Lesson
  3. Math Apps
  4. Spelling City
  5. Handwriting

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 8 - Aug 31, 2016

Mom still feeling under the weather but we pushed through!

  1. Life of Fred
  2. Math Apps
  3. Read Aloud History
  4. Science
  5. History
  6. Language Arts
    1. Started today!  Chloie had a hard time with me giving her a few choices of what books she would read! (trying to expnad her reading!)
  7. Spelling City
  8. Handwriting

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 7 - Aug 30, 2016

Today was a lazy but good day, Mom got really sick and was laying on couch. So the kids stepped up and got the basics of school done!

  1. Life of Friend
    1. Chloie read and Harlie wrote on the White board. 
  2. Math Apps
    1. Found a great app the kids love helping with fast facts (Pet Bingo - by Duck Duck Moose!)
  3. Spelling City
  4. Handwriting
  5. Reading

Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 6 - Aug 29, 2016

Today we were excited that day came home after being gone for a week so we got a late start!

  1. Life of Fred
    1. Fred forgot to read the notice that school was cancelled due to a big storm!
  2. Math Apps
  3. Read Aloud: Book: “The Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt” by Elizabeth Payne
  4. Science: Seasons
    1. We decorated trees to represent the 4 seasons
  5. Spelling City
  6. Handwriting Sheets
  7. Reading

Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 5 - Aug 26, 2016 - Fieldtrip

Field trip Friday

We a great deal they give to homeschoolers! (students $4.95 and parents free! regular price $14.95)

Today we decided to go to the Aquarium!
We took Grandpa and Tristan with us!


 Jelly Fish


 How do I measure up?

 What is feels like to be stung by an eel?

 Touching the Sting Ray's

 Watching them feed the sting rays

What a fun day!